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Introducing Exeter Health & Wellness, a brand-new facility nestled in the serene beauty of the Southern Highlands. Our newly established team has a background in the realm of addiction and mental health treatment and is looking forward to connecting with inpatients and embarking on the journey to recovery and newfound freedom. 

Opening the doors in 2024, Exeter Health & Wellness is the very first treatment center in the Southern Highlands equipped to address addiction, trauma, and mental health conditions simultaneously. What truly sets us apart is our holistic approach, integrating physical, psychological, and emotional healing.  

With the advent of our brand new facility located in the Southern Highlands, Exeter Health & Wellness’ goal is to lead the way in Australia’s treatment landscape. 

Our private wellness center features six bedrooms, offering an intimate and personalised environment for your healing journey. Upon arrival, every individual is greeted by a devoted team of specialists who are wholeheartedly committed to providing a holistic support experience. Our wide-ranging services include medical detox, specialised nursing care, psychiatric assessment and treatment, counseling, psychotherapy, group therapy, enlightening lectures, and individually tailored case management. 

Whether you are in the initial stages of considering treatment, have concerns about a dear one, or are determined to strengthen your path to recovery, Exeter Health & Wellness is unwavering in its commitment to offer expert support and care, all within the serene embrace of the Southern Highlands.

We offer door to door service including business airfares and private transfers. Helicopter and private jets can be arranged at extra charge. 

Greetings from Our Team

We firmly believe that your rehabilitation should not be left to chance. You deserve an environment where you feel secure, at ease, and connected when entrusting your care. 

If previous attempts at rehabilitation haven’t yielded the desired results, it’s not a reflection of your willpower or strength—it often stems from a lack of the education and support you truly deserve. Whether this is your first step on the path to healing or a continuation of your journey, we are dedicated to making it your last, helping you achieve lasting recovery. 

Our commitment extends to erasing the stigma surrounding addiction and fostering a positive transformation in client experiences, retention rates, and ultimately, success stories. It all begins with you. We’re here to support your return to everyday life, reignite your passions, and help you craft the future you’ve longed for. 


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